• Learning to Land

PPL Training

  • Aaron is here to help you on your path to reaching your aviation goals, beginning with your Private Pilot License (PPL).
  • Whether you want flying to be your hobby or your career a PPL is the place to start.

Options for Training

Minuteman Aviation Rentals

Minuteman Aviation is located at the Missoula International Airport and has three aircraft rentals that can be use for flight training. Prices range from $110-$200/ hour wet (including fuel) depending on the aircraft.

  • C-152 $110/hr
  • C-172SP $160/hr
  • C-182 $220/hr

My instruction fee is $60/hr, ground and flight.

The PDF below outlines some generic flight training costs associated with obtaining your Private Pilot certificate.


My Aircraft

I also have a 1997 Citabria 7GCBC that can be used for tailwheel, spin, UPRT and backcountry training. The Citabria rents for $200/hr wet.


Your Aircraft

If you have your own plane, this is great option that eliminates rental fees. Talk with Aaron about Instruction fees.