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Foster Aviation

Refining the Art of Aviation

Regardless of the type of training you seek, from initial Private Pilot to Backcountry, our primary mission is to assist pilots on their lifelong mission of becoming the safest, most competent pilots they can be. As personal experience is the most memorable, we will focus on creating lasting impressions through enjoyable training over awe-inspiring country, while not forgetting we can learn much from the giants in aviation that came before us.

Parked in the Backcountry

Backcountry Flight Training

Learn to fly in backcountry


Tailwheel Instruction

Receive your Tailwheel Endorsement

Landing at 52S

Private Pilot Training

Become a Private Pilot

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About Foster Aviation

At Foster Aviation we approach flying as much as an art as a science. To this end we emphasize stick and rudder skills and learning to feel the airplane through “seat of the pants” flying. While this skill set can be learned in almost any airplane, we believe the most efficient method is through tailwheel training and exploring the boundaries of the “normal flight envelope”. Foster Aviation specializes in tailwheel training and capitalizes on our unique location in Missoula, Montana by offering an introduction to backcountry flying.